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Information about opting out of the Register

This information is relevant to the National Cervical Screening Program. We will update it with information about bowel screening at a later time.

Opting out means that you will not be invited or reminded to screen when you are due for cervical screening. This also means you and your healthcare provider will not benefit from the safety net function which aims to ensure you receive the right follow up if you need it.

Once you choose to opt out, we will not accept or record any of your future Cervical Screening Test results, or details of any related tests and diagnoses. You will not receive any contact or correspondence or invitations to screen from the Register. We will not carry out any follow up activities to ensure you are on the right screening pathway should you require follow up.

Despite opting out, you can still schedule and undergo a Cervical Screening Test at any time through a healthcare provider. However, your healthcare provider may not be able to keep track of your latest screening test results to guide them in making a timely and informed clinical decision. Additionally, if you choose to opt back in at a later stage, your screening history in the Register may be incomplete or incorrect as the Register will not collect your information retrospectively, i.e. for the period you have opted out. You can opt back in to the Register at any time calling the Register’s Contact Centre on 1800 627 701 or by asking your healthcare provider to do so.

Instead of opting out, you may choose to Request to cease correspondence. This means that we will continue to maintain and collect your Cervical Screening Test result history and details, but you will not receive any contact or reminders from us. Your healthcare provider will be able to access your screening information and will receive follow up contact, if required. You can cease correspondence indefinitely or for a defined period of time. You may resume correspondence at any time by withdrawing your request to cease correspondence.

If you are acting on behalf of an individual and wish to opt out that individual, please call our Contact Centre on 1800 627 701.

Still want to opt out of the Register?

If you still want to opt out, please use our web form to opt out

You can request to opt back in at any time by completing the withdraw previous request form. You can also request your healthcare provider to opt you back in, or call a member of our Contact Centre team on 1800 627 701.