NBCSP alternative access to bowel kits

Healthcare providers can now bulk order and issue bowel screening kits directly to their eligible patients through the alternative access to kits model. This is in addition to the existing mail out model.

This alternative way of giving kits to eligible patients will help remove barriers that prevent some people from participating in the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program.

Patients are more likely to do the test when it has been discussed with a trusted health professional who can explain how to do the test and why it is important.

Through the alternative access to kits model you will also receive reminders to encourage your patients to return test kits, notifications of test results and follow up actions where applicable.

Learn more about the alternative access to kits model.

Getting started in your practice:

In 5 steps, your practice can help increase the bowel screening rates of eligible people in your community.

  1. Register for access to the Healthcare Provider Portal. You can also integrate your clinical software for easier access.
  2. Get training on bowel screening, using the portal and how to have conversations with patients.
  3. Order the free test kits in bulk using the Healthcare Provider Portal.
  4. Hand out kits to eligible patients and record this in the Healthcare Provider Portal or via your integrated clinical software.
  5. Access resources with culturally tailored options, including an expanded range for Indigenous people to promote participation in the program.

Please note: To ensure patients get their test results, bowel screening kits that are issued MUST be recorded in the patient's record in the NCSR Healthcare Provider Portal or your integrated clinical software. The process should take less than 2 minutes to complete.

Before you order and issue kits for the first time, and to help you implement and promote screening in your practice, visit the alternative access to kits training guide

Resources and guides:

Bulk order kits to your practice

Duration: 3 minutes

Issue / reissue kits to your patients

Duration: 5 minutes

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